Imax IMX-97275 Convertible Dining Table Bookshelf, Black and Brown, One Size,


Brand: Imax

Color: Brown and Black


  • Includes One Convertible Dining Table Bookshelf
  • Made up of Wood
  • Features a durable construction
  • Overall Dimensions : 67"L x 43"W x35"H

Details: Performing the double duty of a bookshelf and a dining table this versatile decor certainly deserves your attention. So, well made from good quality materials it will stay in good condition for a long time. This decor has a natural wood and black finish, while using it as a bookshelf, its four sections can be used to stack books or display your favorite decor collection. If you wish to use it as a dining table, simply fold all the sections and make it a flat top. You can then use it for easting or displaying food while organizing a party. This is one such decor which will be the center of attraction in your house the moment you bring it. Also, guests and other close ones paying you a visit will wish to own a similar one for their house. Easy to clean and maintain as well, find it ideal for your dwelling, get it today.

UPC: 784185972757

EAN: 0784185972757