IDL Packaging GTM-825A Electronic Kraft Tape Dispenser for Gummed Tapes up to 3” Width – Automatic One-Touch Moistening & Dispensing Machine – Water-Activated Tape Dispenser

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Brand: IDL Packaging


  • INDUSTRIAL EVERY DAY USE: Electronic kraft tape dispenser GTM-825A is designed for water-activated (gummed) tape rolls up to 3 inches wide and up to 1000 feet long. This automatic packing tape dispenser features an advanced programming feature and easy control buttons. Equipped with the digital screen, heater, water tank and brush for adhesive activation
  • SMOOTH CUTTING BLADE: Water-activated tape dispenser has a built-in sharp blade that flawlessly cuts the tape after each feed. The blade is secure and safe to use by an operator. This automatic tape machine is ideal for use in medium to high-volume operations
  • AUTOMATIC UNWINDING & WETTING: Our ergonomic and simple to maintain gum tape dispenser ensures easy unwinding, wetting, and cutting of the tape. Compared to the manual dispenser, an automatic gummed paper tape dispenser cuts and dispenses individual pre-programmed lengths, allowing for high-speed packing and improved productivity in a busy packing operation. The brush provides consistent and uniform tape wetting just with one pull
  • BENEFITS OF GUMMED TAPE: The Water-Activated Tape (also known as gummed tape) is a strong and high-adhesive packing tape that creates a firm bond with a packaging. It simply becomes a part of the package and cannot be removed without a trace. Remains sealed, holds properties in any climatic conditions. Purchase the water-activated tape rolls in our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store
  • ABOUT IDL PACKAGING: Responsible and considerate approach to all customer needs is the key principle of our service. We value our customers and only offer packaging products that are carefully chosen and approved by our packaging experts. We actually use these products ourselves when packaging and fulfilling orders

Details: The GTM-825A electronic kraft tape dispenser is intended for automatic unwinding, wetting, and cutting a water-activated (gummed) tape according to the preset lengths. Accommodates rolls up to 3 inches wide and up to 1000 feet long. Quickly activates and dispenses the tape. Smooth cutting blade flawlessly cuts the tape after each feed. This gum tape dispenser (also known as a water-activated tape dispenser or water tape dispenser) has an advanced programming feature, easy control buttons and a screen that provides current setting for the machine. The moisture brush coats the tape with enough water just with one pull. It is a simple to operate automatic tape machine that reduces labor time and accelerates the packing process. Cost-effective solution for medium to high-volume uses. Decreases the risks of repetitive motion injury, material waste, and returns. Purchase the water-activated tape rolls in our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store.

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