Home Office Swivel Ergonomic Executive Desk Mesh Task Chair High Adjustable with Headrest Footrest (Black)


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Brand: EazeeChairs

Color: Black


  • ADJUSTABLE ARMRESTS & HEADREST - Enjoy mobility, easy for adjustable posture. This will help you keep your arms and back in a good posture while you type which should help you stay comfortable for longer throughout the day.
  • SEAT HEIGHT ADJUSTABILITY - It makes it easy to set your seat height relative to your size and to your desk which will help you get more comfortable at work. This way you won't have to worry about measuring these factors when you get an ergonomic office chair.
  • ERGONOMIC COMPUTER CHAIR WITH A BUILT IN RECLINING FUNCTION. This is made easier when you want to change positions in your chair to stay comfortable. It allows you to keep the keyboard farther away from your body when you're at your computer.
  • PU Footrest - Retractable pedals, easy to use and take up no space, meet your needs for lunch break.

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