Holtkoetter 9680LEDP1 SN LED Low-Voltage Swing-Arm Floor Lamp with Dimm-System P1, Satin Nickel


Brand: Holtkoetter


  • Vertically adjustable from 38.5" to 56.25"
  • Dimmable from 0-100%
  • Equipped with LED by Citizen
  • Hand-finished brass construction
  • Heavy, weighted base for stability

Details: LED swing-arm floor lamp with Dimm System P1 (*P1). Features of Dimm-System Punkt 1 (*P1) *Point Dimming - the lamp may be turned on with a single click of the P1 dimmer *Soft on - the lamp will come on low and continue to brighten to full brightness. This allows the eye to adjust to a gradual increase in light. *Soft/Delayed Off - a single click will turn the lamp off. The lamp dims to 60% brightness, remaining at that level to allow you to exit the room, then the lamp gradually turns itself off, rather than immediate darkness as is the case with other switches. *Dimming Cycle - press and hold the dimmer down - the lamp will cycle through all the dimming levels - release the dimmer when the lamp reaches the light level of your choice, release the P1 dimmer. Holtkoetter International, Inc. manufactures lamps and light fixtures of the highest quality and is one of a handful of companies left that still design their own fixtures and do their own manufacturing from the raw metal to the finished product, resulting in lamps of lasting quality.

UPC: 848368047547

EAN: 0848368047547