HLR Projector Mounts Projector Stand Adjustable Video Projector Floor Table Tall Moveable Laptop Trolley Portable


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Brand: HLR


  • ◆ Small footprint.
  • ◆Removable.
  • ◆ Sturdy and stable.
  • ◆ Rotate.
  • ◆Scalable

Details: Brand: HLR Bracket rod length: 10cm, 14cm, 20cm, 50cm Screw specification: M3.5×10mm Chassis diameter: 29cm Product material: PTZ main support rod Bottom cover: aluminum alloy Base: black ABS solid wire silicone clip Rubber pad: silicone Self-weight bearing: self-weight 5.1kg (±0.5kg), bearing 3kg Packing size: 39.8*40*9cm Weight: (including packaging): 4.85kg Product does not contain a projector If you have any questions, please contact us and our professional customer service team will handle it within 24 hours.

Collections: Video Projectors, XML Feed 27

Category: Feed27, HLR, United States

Type: Video Projector

Vendor: HLR

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