HIZLJJ High-end Rustic Ceramic Crackle Beige Shade Simple Post-Modern Creative for Living Room Family Bedroom BedsideTable Lamp


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  • ★Material: ceramic, cloth
  • ★Light source type: incandescent lamp fluorescent lamp LED light source: E27
  • ★Light body size: The lampshade is 32 cm wide and the lamp body is 65 cm high.
  • ★Features: safe and high temperature resistance, scrubbing, delicate color, very human decoration, full of warmth, not only can be used for lighting, but also can be used as home decoration, better heat dissipation effect and longer service life.
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Process: high temperature baking

Intelligent Control: No

Packing weight: 6kg

Line length: 120 cm

Voltage: 111V~240V (included)

Color classification: beige

Power: 31W (inclusive) -40W (inclusive)

With or without light source: no light source

Irradiation area: 5-10 square meters

Applicable: living room, bedroom, study, bedside

installation steps:

Step 1: Remove the PVC retaining ring from the cap

Step 2: Place the lamp cover on the lamp cap and rotate the lamp cover with the snap ring.

Step 3: Install the lamp cover and insert the threaded lamp into the lamp cap.

Step 4: Finally tighten the bulb, connect the power supply, turn the switch on

Tip: If you want to fix the lamp cover more tightly, please rotate the coil up and down at the same time to avoid excessive rotation of the coil and cause the pole to fall off! The upper cover is mainly used as a fixed lamp cover. Please tighten it slightly to avoid damaging the card!


★ Please pay attention to power off before installation! It is recommended that the bulb be used within 40 watts. There is no safety issue for long-term use, please feel free to use it.

★Maintenance: Tested with soft cotton cloth, not suitable for household cleaners, can not use light sources exceeding the rated wattage

product description

★ Warm and soft light: convenient for night stay, no eye injury, no flicker, light science, reduce fatigue

★Multi-purpose: suitable for night illumination, baby breastfeeding, can be read as a night light or eye light, soft light does not hurt the eyes

★The overall structure: soft light and beautiful structure add a sense of beauty to the room!

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