HID Fargo INK1000 Inkjet ID Card Printer

ID Zone

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Brand: ID Zone


  • Fargo INK1000 Inject ID Card Printer
  • Includes free CloudBadging Subscription
  • High-quality, affordable inkjet card printing with no special card media required
  • 600 dpi x 1200 dpi resolution
  • Easy-to-install, snap-in ink cartridges

Details: Bringing the simplicity and affordability of inkjet printing to personalized cards and IDs, the HID FARGO INK1000 is unmatched in its ease-of-use and offers a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) than most card printers in the industry. Ultra-reliable and low maintenance, the HID FARGO INK1000 features exclusive inkjet printing technology, eliminating the hassles of print ribbons or the need for specialized card media. Easy-to-install, snap-in ink cartridges contain specially formulated inks that naturally adhere to standard, off-the-shelf PVC and composite cards. Because inks are inherently UV-stable, images and text exhibit improved fade resistance compared to DTC-printed cards—even without expensive overlay protectants. Depending on the complexity of your card design, a single ink cartridge has the potential to produce hundreds more cards than would be possible with print ribbons—bringing your card designs to life with significantly less waste and at a fraction of the cost! With its high 600 dpi x 1200 dpi resolution, images are sharp and brilliant—and text and barcodes are crisply defined. The INK1000 also offers true edge-to-edge printing to accommodate full card coverage designs, eliminating those pesky white border edges left behind by standard Direct-to-Card printers. What’s more, its small footprint with same-side input and output and intuitive operation make the INK1000 perfect for any office environment. It’s as simple to use as the inkjet printer in your home or office! Easy-to-use, affordable and dependable, the HID FARGO Includes free 30-day trial of CloudBadging ID card software (not required to use printer.)

EAN: 0754563620006

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