Grippy Paint Booth Mat by New Pig | Protects Surfaces and Floors from Paint Build-Up| Reduces Paint Defects and Color Casting | Static Dissipative | 32" x 100' Roll

New Pig Corporation

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Brand: New Pig Corporation

Color: Blue


  • OPTIMIZES SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE: unique non-woven material traps dust, dirt and meets requirements for a dissipative material at 50% R. H. ; meets OSHA and NFPA maintenance standards
  • MINIMIZE CLEANUP TIME: no more scraping inches of overspray buildup off your booth floor!
  • REDUCE COLOR CASTING so you can achieve a high-quality finish and eliminate paint defects – along with proper lighting, our blue and gray color options help illuminate the finished area effectively and manage variables that easily throw paint vision awry
  • PROTECT FLOORS AND SURFACES from paint build up - the Grippy Paint Booth Mat Roll is 32” x 100” L and soaks up to 10. 5 gallons of paint per roll – prevents paint from being tracked around
  • PROVIDE A CLEAN SURFACE that soaks up paint while you work without bunching, shifting, or sliding out of place
  • REDUCE CLEANUP TIME for a more productive shop, eliminating the hassle of tape and makeshift liners; you can sweep, vacuum, mop and scrub the Paint Booth Mat
  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED GRIPPY TECHNOLOGY: our proprietary formula of adhesive sticks to the floor with a super-tight grip, but peels up easily for quick change outs; no shifting, bunching up or flipping over to prevent trips and falls
  • SUPER DURABLE MATS are ideal for areas of heavy traffic –and can be driven over by cars
  • LEAK PROOF BACKING prevents liquid from soaking through to the floor
  • CHANGE OUT EVERY 4 WEEKS or after your regularly scheduled pressure washing of paint booth

Details: Protect your investment and make the cleanup of your paint booth easy with the Grippy Paint Booth Mat Roll by New Pig. Reduce paint defects up to 50% when using in combination with a dust Particle Control spray! The unique non-woven material is extremely durable and traps dust and dirt when misted daily with Particle Control spray. No more scraping inches of overspray buildup off your booth floor! The poly-backed mat absorbs paint and prevents it from building up or being tracked around, so you can minimize cleanup time and focus on your work. Our exclusive Grippy Adhesive-Backing makes it easy to install and easy to manage. Install the Paint Booth Mat by New Pig in less than 30 minutes. Vacuum daily to remove contamination from the booth. The Grippy Paint Booth Mat stays in place, preventing slips, trips, and falls and is ideal for areas of heavy traffic. The mat's padding reduces noise and makes standing and kneeling much more comfortable! The Grippy Paint Booth Mat roll gives you the absorbency and quality you expect from New Pig, the leaders at dealing with leaks, drips, and spills.

EAN: 0036226034833

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