Gold Money Counter with Counterfeit Detection & Bill Counting | Light Up Display | 1,000 Bills a Minute |Fits US Dollar and Larger

Street Kingz

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Brand: Street Kingz

Color: Shinny Gold


  • ACCURATE AND PRECISE: This machine uses various modes of detection to ensure that all counterfeit bills are caught. 1 in 1,000,000 chance of the counter missing a counterfeit bill. Street Kingz is on a mission for accurate counting.
  • LIGHT UP DISPLAY: Large light up display for easy reading and operating. Easily switch between modes, making counting bills even easier.
  • HIGH CAPACITY: Street Kingz gold bill counter can count more than 1,000 bills a minute. This meets maximum demand but does not sacrifice accuracy at this high rate.
  • BILL SIZE: This is perfect for bills of all sizes. Ranging from a minimum of 50mm X 100 mm (1.9inX3.9in) all the way up 90mm X 190mm (3.5in X 7.4in). Fits all US, EU, and Australian money sizes.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED: The gold bill counter is 320mm X 288mm X 205 mm (12.6 inches X 11.3 inches X 8 inches). Weighing 6 kg (13.2 lbs) and using less than 80 W of power.

Details: This feature packed high speed money counter by Street Kingz is a professional currency counter designed to tackle a wide variety of different jobs. It is fast, accurate and has all the top-of-the-line features. This machine is reliable for all of your professional money counting needs. Features include a high capacity, highly accurate light up display. This version of the money counter is also able to detect all counterfeit bills at high accuracy. The large light up display makes it easy to switch to different modes, making counting even easier. This is perfect for a wide range of different sized bills including bills used in the US, EU and Australia. This machine is a high-capacity counter and can count more than 1,000 bills per minute. If you count cash for your business, this is a perfect addition to ensure reliability, accuracy and precision.

EAN: 0860005589203

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