GIANT BEST SELLING push pin map of the United States Nat Geo's Executive US Map FRAMED 74 3/4 x 53 1/2" Pin board MAP with Black Satin Finish Frame is the best push pin travel map for home or office

National Geographic

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Brand: National Geographic


  • THIS MAP IS GIANT- At 74 ¾ x 53 ½" This Executive United States Map by National Geographic is one of the largest framed maps available and a best seller
  • UV TREATED LAMINATED SURFACE COATING - resists fading and makes it easy to clean your world map.
  • PUSH PIN READY - our US map is mounted on a super gripping low density fiber board ideal for push pin use and will not warp like cheaper foam core boards.
  • FRAMED WITH BLACK SATIN FINISH FRAME - matches any office and home furniture
  • MADE IN USA - that is correct! Some things are still made here in the United States

Details: There is a reason that this map of the United States is one of the best selling push pin travel map ever made, QUALITY! This National Geographic US map features incredible detail from city and town names to rivers and highways. This pin board map is mounted on a half inch thick piece of low density fiber board just like we use to do it back in the old days. Why? QUALITY! The fiber board grips the push pin and keeps them in place. Competitors use a cheap piece of quarter inch foam core board which warps and does not grip your push pins which leaves you with a map full of holes and a floor full of pins! Why do they do that? Because it is cheap! We also laminate our maps with a piece of UV blocking vinyl to protect the colors from fading and to give you the ability to clean the surface so that you may enjoy your investment for years to come. Did I mention that our competitors do not coat their maps with anything? That's right, they give you a paper map glued to a piece of cheap foam core and want you to believe that it is going to last. Good luck with that! The final step to finishing our USA map is the frame. We frame our travel maps with an American made frame finished with a black satin finish which will fit into any room décor from your home to your office or class room. All of our frames are made from recycled wood and coated with a durable coating similar to today's commercial flooring. Our competitors use framing that is imported from South Asia and Central America which is often made from wood harvested from the worlds thinning rain forests. Not sure about you, but who wants to be a part of destroying the worlds rain forests? In the end it comes down to QUALITY! The old saying, "You get what you pay for" is and always will be true and that is why we make every effort to provide our customers with the best quality push pin map of the United States while maintaining an affordable price.

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