Genuine HID ProxKey III 1346 LNSMN Proximity Key Fob for Access Control. Standard 26 bit H10301 Format. Black (100 Pack, Genuine HID)


Brand: AlphaCard

Color: Genuine HID


  • 100 pack of Genuine HID 1346 LNSMN ProxKey III Key Fob
  • Standard 26 bit format H10301
  • Pre-programmed with seller's choice of facility code and sequential card range
  • Key Fobs are easy to use - just put it on your key ring or lanyard for easy building access control
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Details: Genuine HID 1346 ProxKey III Key Fobs Format: 26 bit (H10301) Facility Code: 101 Range: Pre-assigned sequential range HID is the leading manufacturer of proximity cards, with access control systems in use at businesses around the world. HID prox cards are compatible with all HID proximity card readers. Although HID ProxKey III Key Fobs are small, measuring only 1.55" x 1.25" x 0.24", and are not a traditional access control card, they still hold the same amount of data and add convenience for your cardholders. Designed to fit on your key ring or a lanyard, these prox cards are designed to withstand daily wear and tear with their durable PVC design. Fobs list the range number on the back. To use your HID proximity cards, you'll need a compatible card reader. Compatible readers for this card: HID proximity readers, XceedID proximity readers, Schlage proximity readers, aptiQ multi-technology readers.

UPC: 662578222415

EAN: 0662578222415

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