FryOilSaver Co, 43”W x 36”H, 1/4 Inch Thick Plexiglass Shield Portable Sneeze Guards, Clear Plexiglass Sneeze Guard for Counter, Plexiglass Shield Protection from Sneezing Customers, Extra Sturdy,


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  • PROTECTION FROM SNEEZING CUSTOMERS - This portable plexiglass sneeze guard is designed to prevent the spread of germs while interacting with customers. Easily protect employees from coughing sneezing customers with this sneeze guard
  • PORTABLE SNEEZE GUARD - This portable plexiglass sneeze guard is designed to allow the user to easily flat pack and move the shield to wherever it is needed. Quick and easy protection from coughing and sneezing
  • FINGERPRINT AND SMUDGE RESISTANT - The sneeze guard for counter tops is coating with a smudge and fingerprint resistant coating. Ensure that your sneeze guard remains transparent and does not become clouded with finger marks
  • DESIGNED TO FIT IN ANY WORKSTATION - This window screen is designed to fit on any counter top. The dimensions are 43 x 36 inches. This ensures that the person behind the shield receives adequate protection from any sneezes or coughs. Great for use in banks, retail stores, grocery stores, reception desks or medical facilities.
  • MADE IN THE USA - This product is designed and manufactured in the USA. Built with high quality acrylic plexiglass to ensure that the shield will continue to be effective throughout years of use

EAN: 0746160704470

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