Frifreego Automatic Label Dispenser, Fiber Optic Sensor, for Various Labels Including Clear Labels, Min Label Length 3mm, Label Width 10-162mm, Max Label Dia 200mm


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Brand: Frifreego


  • A MACHINE LIKE A FOOL- This label dispenser only has ONE button, that is its power switch! Once presses, it can work well. No need to operate complicated buttons, which is very easy to use!
  • FIBER OPTIC SENSOR- Unlike others' photoelectric sensor, the fiber optic sensor of this label dispenser can detect much more kinds of labels materials, including clear labels!
  • BE TOLERANT OF LABEL SIZE- The label applicator is suitable for not only various kinds of label materials, but also for different sizes! Label length: only required to be greater than 3mm; Label width: between 10-162mm; The whole label roll dia should not be greater than 200mm.
  • PERFECT WORK ASSISTANT- The fastest peel speed is 6"/s. This label dispenser will help you complete your work efficiently! Moreover, compared with manual dispensing, the labels peeled off by machine are more flat and beautiful!
  • SMALL SIZE FITS ANYWHERE- This dispensing tool is very small; main body size is 145*175*200mm(6.89*5.71*7.87"), will not occupy too much space of the warehouse with a lot of goods! And it also fits your office desk that is not very large by itself.

EAN: 0735279815689