Fast Wireless Charger Mouse Pad - 15W Wireless Charging Keyboard Pad - Mobile Phone Wireless Charging RGB High-Sensitivity Gaming Mouse Pad - Extended Mouse Mat - Desk Pad Mat - Desktop Mat (A)


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Brand: Goldye

Color: A


  • ❤️ Inductive controls the color output of RGB lights, plug and play, just one of the fingerprint pattern RGB mouse pad will switch colors

  • ❤️ Seven kinds of monochrome constant brightness + three kinds of marquee modes, streamer race - colorful breathing - magic race - red - green - blue - purple - cyan - yellow - white, long press the inductive for 5 seconds to turn off the light

  • ❤️ Wireless fast charging, the whole process of low temperature does not hurt the machine and does not get hot, intelligent identification of 15W, 10W, 7.5W, 5W, ultra-long sensing distance ≦ 10MM

  • ❤️ The latest fifth-generation pure copper combined version of the independent large coil has faster charging speed, 360 charging induction without blind spots, and low temperature without hot spots. Overcharge protection Overcurrent protection Overvoltage protection Overpower protection Temperature protection FOD foreign object detection Overdischarge protection

  • ❤️ It is a wireless charger and a mouse pad, which can be used for charging, watching dramas, chatting, and working. It is easy to charge when you put it on, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Details: ❤️Package Contents:1 x wireless charging