Daiwa Felicity Vitality Plate Vibration Plate Machine - Whole Body Workout 3D Vibration Fitness Platform w/Resistance Bands

Daiwa Felicity

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Brand: Daiwa Felicity


  • Vitality Plate is the best vibration plate on the market, allowing you to do a complete vibration plate exercise right at home! Just standing in place while the machine vibrates is enough to stimulate muscle contractions!
  • 10 Strength Levels - easily adjust the speed and intensity of the vibration machine from 1 (low) to 10 (full speed). Steadily raise the level as you progress in your strength training!
  • 3D Training Mode: the vibration plate moves in three directions: up and down, side to side, and multi-direction oscillation. The power 3D multi-direction movement challenges core and leg muscles. Use different modes for different exercises!
  • Strong, quiet 300-Watt motor delivers a smooth and robust vibration that causes muscles to strengthen using micro-contractions. Supports users up to 265lbs!
  • Includes detachable resistance bands so that you can add an arm workout as you stand! Forget low-quality vibration plates! The Vitality Plate is a trusted brand.

Details: Use the Vitality Plate for low-impact exercise that increases metabolic functions, improves balance and flexibility, and burns fat. It offers three forms of movement: side-to-side (horizontal), up-and-down (oscillation), and a combination of the two that we refer to as "3D," which activates your muscles by creating an unstable and constantly moving surface. It features 3 automatic programs, a wide, non-slip platform, 10 vibration speeds, and a Central Pivoting System that allows you to adjust the intensity based on how far away you are from the center of the plate. The Vitality Plate also includes optional, detachable arm resistance bands that allow you to easily add arm, chest, and shoulder exercises to get a full-body workout.

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