Createx Colors Createx Illustration Color Wheel Set, 2oz.

Createx Colors

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Brand: Createx Colors


  • Lightfast, durable transparent colors suitable for airbrushing most any surface from automotive & hard surface to resin kits and models.
  • Colors atomize finely even below 10psi; thin as needed with 4012 High Performance Reducer. Colors soft erase after first 48 hours then cure to a hard coating. Reduce with 4020 Automotive Reducer for solvent-like spray performance & fast drying.
  • Createx Illustration Colors atomize finely for superior detailed performance while allowing for re-wettable and soft-erasing techniques.
  • Createx Illustration Colors are premier airbrush paints which not only pull a fine line, but also spray in an even color pattern without stipulation (graininess) when faded between full color saturation and a tint.
  • Water-based. Non-toxic. Safe to spray indoors with adequate ventilation. Made with pride & care in USA.

Details: Createx Colors 2oz. Createx Illustration Color Wheel Set Includes 2oz. Illustration White, Illustration Black, Illustration Yellow, Illustration Scarlet, Illustration Orange, Illustration Violet, Illustration Red Violet, Illustration Blue Violet, Illustration Viridian, Illustration Cobalt Blue, Illustration Cerulean Blue, Illustration Magenta, Illustration Burnt Umber, Illustration Sepia, Illustration Burnt Sienna, Illustration Moss Green, Illustration Transparent Base, High Performance Reducer.

EAN: 0717893050806

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