Columbus Freiburg 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe

Columbus USA

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Brand: Columbus USA


  • Columbus Freiburg German Made.
  • Desktop Model with Makassar Wood Base and Steel Half-Meridian.
  • Physical & Political Illuminated Sphere 13 Inch Diameter.

ISBN: 3955240754

Details: Check out the beautiful Columbus Freiburg 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe for a superb example of the German manufacturer's stellar design philosophy. The blue ocean globe is complemented by the silver of the stainless steel half-meridian and brown from the Makassar wood base. The 13 inch desktop globe is held 17 inches tall on its classy stand. The model also features a time dial which is used in coordination with the latitude and longitude grid to determine time zone information.

The Freiburg is an excellent example of Columbus' classic DUORAMA map which displays two maps in one. With the light off the world globe showcases a physical map highlighting the planet's organic properties. The rugged blue ocean floor is set against the rough green and yellow surface of the landmasses. When the model is illuminated the vibrant colors of the map burst forth filling the room. Additionally a political map becomes apparent as the desktop globe lights up adding to its cartographical value.

The acrylic globe features a beautiful Columbus map that was hand cut and applied to its surface by skilled craftspeople. The manual construction of this globe ensures its high quality for years to come. The Columbus Freiburg 13 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe is an excellent decorative flourish from the storied German manufacturer. Over 100 years of globe making has gone into making this model an exceptional element in the home or office.

EAN: 9783955240752

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