ClearOne 910-156-250 Chat 170 USB VoIP Desktop Hands-Free Wired


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Brand: ClearOne


  • Full-Duplex audio performance allows users to listen and speak at the same time without audio cutting in and out
  • Distributed echo cancellation identifies and eliminates acoustic echo
  • Noise cancellation samples the ambient room noise and cancels it out for more natural sounding conversations
  • First microphone priority intelligently changes microphone levels depending on who is doing the talking.Coverage Area: 360-degree up to 8ft
  • Automatic Gain and level controls adjust microphone and speaker levels automatically

Operating System: None

Details: A speakerphone for individual or small group use, the Chat 170 connects to PCs and laptops for rich, full-duplex audio communication with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007. The Chat 170 is the perfect addition to the office or conference room for greatly enhanced collaboration. The Chat 170 was created by ClearOne to fill the need for a hands-free speakerphone for small groups or individuals using Microsoft's unified communications platform, Office Communications Server 2007. The Chat 170 is a completely full-duplex speakerphone that delivers superior hands-free audio for Office Communicator 2007 and eliminates the need for large, expensive tabletop conference phones in offices and conference rooms. Providing true plug-and-play operation, the Chat 170 requires no drivers to be installed; just plug it into a USB port and all incoming Office Communicator calls ring on the Chat 170. The Chat 170 has 3 microphone elements and a large loudspeaker for a full 360 Degree pickup and the ability to easily manage from 1 to 6 call participants. The Chat 170 also contains the advanced audio signal processing technologies that were developed for ClearOne' s market-leading professional audio conferencing products.

UPC: 617407426601

EAN: 0151903565810

Languages: English

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