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CJSHV-table lamp

Brand: CJSHV-table lamp

Color: A


  • Simple and bright distributed soft beauty
  • Low energy consumption long life
  • Bright color strong antioxidant
  • The appearance of neat beautiful and generous
  • Shade light is good high temperature no gas to play

Details: Light source type:E14,
Switch Type:The push-button,
Adjustable height: 0(M) ,
The lamp housing material:Crystal,
Outer dimension:500*850(Mm) ,
The major scope of application:The Living Room The study Bedroom
Average LifetimeGenebanks(H) ,
VoltageRooms: 220,
Eligible Locations:The bedrooms, study,The restaurant,News Release,The hotel rooms are light build quality:Iron+Crystal,
Treatment area15U -30U,
The number of the light source: 6,
Light Color:Rust,Ancient Silver
Power Light Source:25W(W) ,

EAN: 9587539763015