CJD ET-LAD120 Replacement Lamp with housing for Panasonic PT-DW830,PT-DX100,PT-DZ870


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  • Panasonic OEM Quality, Lifetime 3000 hours
  • This is single-pack lamp. For twin-pack please just buy two of them.
  • Easy installation with housing and timer chip included to save your time.
  • Compatible Models: For PT-DW830,PT-DW830K,PT-DW830LW,PT-DW830UK,PT-DW830ULK,PT-DW830W,PT-DW830WU,PT-DX100,PT-DX100EK,PT-DX100K,PT-DX100LK,PT-DX100LW,PT-DX100WU,PT-DX100LK,PT-DX100W,PT-DZ870,PT-DZ870EK,PT-DZ870LW,PT-DZ870UK,PT-DZ870ULK,PT-DZ870W
  • 30-days Refund and 12 months Warranty. Testing Before Delivery, Excellent Return Service With No Any Condition Within 15 Hours Feedback

Details: The ET-LAD120W Panasonic twin-pack replacement digital projector lamps comes with genuine original Panasonic burn 420 watt is rated at 8,500 lumens (brightness equal to the original Panasonic lamp) The ET-LAD120W Twin-Pack has a rated lamp life of 3,000 hours (4,000 hours in eco-mode). This Twin-Pack has higher lumen output and longer lamp life than other cheaper generic replacement lamps being sold elsewhere. It also has a Lamp Run-Time Module that is calibrated and tested during our quality control process It is guaranteed to operate the same as the original and will count your run time correctly to ensure proper function of your projector.