CHNOI Multi-Functional Business Meeting Notebook A5 Loose-Leaf with Charging Treasure High-Grade Office Stationery (Color : Blue)


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Brand: CHNOI

Color: Blue


  • Features: wireless charging, wired charging, power bank, card holder, writing tool.
  • Wear-resistant PU comfortable feel: more wear-resistant and dirt-resistant than leather, enjoy a comfortable feel, creative magnetic buckle design.
  • Mainstream universal interface on the market: Most digital products on the market can be charged at will.
  • The inner page of 80G acid-free paper is treated with plant fiber pulp to eliminate organic acids and has a longer service life under normal use and storage conditions.
  • Anti-rouge technology: Notebook paper that is very suitable for pen writing is thin and moderately dense, regardless of the thickness of the stroke or the weight of the ink, it is not easy to smudge, and the back is impermeable.

EAN: 1287603510979

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