CARNATION Mixed Denomination Bill Money Value Counter and Sorter CR1500 Bank Grade Currency Sorting 2 Year Warranty Serial Number Recognition PC Connectivity and Printing Enabled


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Color: Black, Silver


  • 💲BILL SORTING, NON-STOP COUNTING WITH REJECT POCKET - Suspect bills are sorted out into a reject pocket
  • 💲UV, MG, IR, IMAGE RECOGNITION DETECTION FUNCTIONS - Full spectrum counterfeit detection to protect your business. FAST COUNTING AND LARGE CAPACITY – This mixed denomination counter has a Counting Speed of 800/900/1100 notes/min. It can hold 500 bills.
  • 💲LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT - During and Beyond Warranty. Buy With Confidence. CARNATION is one of the oldest companies in this industry.
  • 💲TWO YEAR WARRANTY WITH A DEDICATED TECHNICIAN - no more hardware/software headaches
  • 💲SERIAL NUMBER RECOGNITION - used by banks to catch counterfeit bills and more


Welcome to 2018. You are here because you ALREADY know how to count (and save) Money (and time). Now you have found the right tool to do it.

With Carnation CR1500 bill counter and sorter you will accomplish in minutes what used to take hours. No more jams, no more fake bills confiscated by the bank, and no more separating the bills by denominations - it is all done for you. Just sit there, watch, and enjoy the sound of the banknotes being counted (and sorted).

General Features:

✔️ Mixed Denomination Counting and Sorting: Count mixed bills and sort them by Denomination and/or orientation. Separate $100 from $50 from $20 etc.

✔️ PC & Printer Connectivity - upload counting results, including serial numbers, to the PC suite and/or print them out (printer not included)

✔️ Multi-Level Counterfeit Bank Note Detection: Built-in Magnetic, Infrared, UV, and Image Processing Technology detection

✔️ Serial Number Recognition: capture and save/print serial number of each counted banknote

✔️ 'Add' Function: Continuously Keeps Count of Bills Added / 'Batch' Function: Process Bills in Designated Amounts

✔️ Easy Software Upgrades via SD card or USB port.

✔️ FREE 2 Year Warranty That Actually Works - with a dedicated technician.


Counting Speed: 800/1000/1100 notes/min

Feeder Capacity: 500 notes

Stacker Capacity: 200 notes

Reject Pocket Capacity: 50 notes

Ports: RS232, RJ-11, USB, SD Card

✅ Weight: 18.7lb (8.5kg)

Power Supply: AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

EAN: 0890325002045

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