Carl's FlexiWhite Standing Projector Screen Kit (16:9 | 6.75x12-Ft | 165-in) Outdoor Projection Screen, HD, 3D, 1.1 Gain, Dark/Controlled Ambient Light, Outdoor Movie Screen, Stand Poles NOT Included

Carls Place

Brand: Carls Place

Color: White


  • Kits Include: (1) FlexiWhite Finished Edge Screen with black vinyl edges and grommets installed, strong structural electroplated steel corner/support Fittings, 6-inch Black Ball Bungees for each grommet hole and Kit Assembly Instructions. *** Kits do not include the required 1" EMT frame poles. ***
  • Carl's FlexiWhite is perfect for the versatility of everyday usage, HD & active 3D movies, indoor/outdoor/portable applications; in a dark viewing environment and easy installation! FlexiWhite's bright white surface with gain of 1.1 is perfect for outdoor use due to its mildew resistant surface. And it's flexible and fold-able, front-projection surface make it highly portable.
  • The kit's correct tension will remove the guess-work out of tension-mounting your screen and provide the exact tension needed for a flat, clear, crisp image.
  • 6.75x12 Ft. Viewable Dimensions: 81x144 in | 165 in Diag. | 42 Grommets | View our Technical Specification documents below for additional information including; material specifications, installation guide and a comparison to Carl's other projector screen materials.
  • Ships Folded in a Box. Remove your screen from the box immediately upon receipt. Tension-mounting/stretching the material tight, like a drum, will pull out fold marks.

Details: Carl's Place is the internet's leading DIY resource for quality Projection Screens Kits at a great low price!

Carl's Standing DIY Projector Screen Kits take the guess work out of building a projection screen and put fast & easy in its place. No need to already know how to build a projector screen - we show you how without the hassle! These kits make great portable and/or outdoor projection screens. Carl's Standing DIY Projector Screen Kits include: 1 Finished Edge Screen, Corner/Support Fittings, Bungees and Assembly Instructions. Kits do NOT include the required 1" EMT pipe/poles due to the impracticality of shipping. Instead, you can find EMT at your local hardware or building supply store for approximately $5-$7 per 10' length. Standing Projection Screen Kit instructions detail the exact number of pipes needed & at what lengths, as well as, how to assemble your Standing Projector Screen Kit.

FlexiWhite Projector Screen Material is #1 in customer satisfaction because of its versatility. It works great for both regular and active 3D movie viewing. This premium bright white surface and gain of 1.1 means FlexiWhite offers a brighter image in a dark environment where ambient light is controlled. When paired with an HD projector FlexiWhite Projector Screen Material provides a sharp high-definition image because its surface has little to no texture. FlexiWhite Material is perfect for outdoor use; it is made of 100% PVC material and has a mildew resistant coating. FlexiWhite offers great indoor viewing results as well. As its name suggests FlexiWhite is a very flexible and fold-able material which makes it highly portable. This front projection screen material is best when stretched tightly and evenly in all four directions and the kit will automatically provide the exact tension needed for a flat, clear, crisp image.

UPC: 700355701149

EAN: 0700355701149

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