Caran d'Ache CD4769.168 0.7 mm Leman Grand Blue Silver Plated/Rhodium Coated Mechanical Pencil

Caran d'Ache

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Brand: Caran d'Ache

Color: Silver


  • Mechanical pencil – 0.7 mm Graphite leads
  • Mechanism: rotary
  • replaceable eraser positioned under the push button
  • Refills: Graphite leads 0.7 mm, HB or B and erasers

Details: Bathed in light and ruffled by the wind, waves come to life with the new Léman Grand Bleu. The delicately engraved background evokes the regular ripples of waves on the water's surface. A layer of translucent lacquer, reminiscent of the intense blue of the ocean depths, reveals these undulating reflections on the refined body of Léman Grand Bleu writing instruments.

EAN: 7630002334433

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