Bubble M Inflatable Packaging Air Film 16" x 1150' for Airmove2 by Storopack, Pack of 2 rolls – Air Cushion Pillows for Packaging and Protection – Space-Saving Alternative to Packing Peanuts

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Brand: IDL Packaging

Color: Clear


  • GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Bubble M inflatable packaging air film protects goods with the help of shock-absorbing sealed air inside. The roll is 16 inches wide and 1150 feet long. It consists of multiple, 6.29 inches segments divided by perforations. That allows to choose the required number of packing pillows for any box size. In the inflated state, Bubble M pillows measure 13 inches W x 7 inches L x 1.25 inch thick and are highly impact resistant. Designed for use only with AIRMove2 Air Pillow Packing Machine by Storopack
  • USED FOR: This moisture-resistant and vibration-absorbing air cushion packaging is the ideal solution for effectively protecting fragile goods during transportation, void filling, and securing items in a box. Air pillows for packing are mostly valued but not limited to packaging and shipping of alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, souvenirs, electronics, medical products and drugs, etc.
  • ADVANTAGES: Packing air pillows are the ideal alternative to packing peanuts and bubble wrap because of the small size of the inflatable air pillows film rolls and take much less space for storage. The air cushioned film roll takes up very little space until inflated it, significantly reduces labor hours and makes no mess at the packing station
  • ABOUT IDL PACKAGING: Responsible and considerate approach to all customer needs is the key principle of our service. We value our customers and offer packaging products that were precisely chosen and approved by our packaging experts. We actually use these products ourselves
  • WHAT YOU GET: Roll of Bubble M packing air pillow 16” wide x 1150’ long for Airmove2 machine in secure packaging that assure safe coast-to-coast delivery

Details: Note that Bubble M air pillow is designed for use only with AIRMove2 Machine by Storopack. It is an industrial machine for inflating air pillows at 30 feet per minute.Packaging air bags hold sealed air for a long time and withstand a lot of pressure. It is an ideal material for packing protection and void filling. You can safely trust it with your fragile items. Perfect for shipping, mailing and moving.Inflatable packaging air film has wide applications in many industries, such as e-commerce, express logistics, printing supplies industry, ceramics, electronic products, sporting goods, etc.IDL Packaging provides three types of packing pillows for the Storopack Airmove2 Machine in compact rolls: Void S, Bubble M, and Cushion M. All are available at the IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store. You can choose whatever best suits your needs.

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