Brother P-touch, PTH500LI, PC-Connectable Label Maker, Rechargeable Portable Labeler, One-Touch Formatting, Brother Vivid Bright Display, Black


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Brand: Brother


  • POWERED BY LI-ION BATTERY: The Brother P-touch PT-H500LI comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery to allow quick label-printing on the go.
  • PC CONNECTIVITY: Easily connect to a Mac or PC with the included USB cable to print and design labels using the P-touch Editor software.
  • VIVID BRIGHT DISPLAY: The PTH500LI offers users the flexibility to review the format, design, and content of the label prior to printing.
  • AUTO CUTTING AND SUPER FAST PRINTING: This rechargeable and portable handheld label printer features auto cutting, helping save time.
  • FOR USE WITH BROTHER GENUINE TAPES: Use Brother Genuine P-touch TZe tapes up to 24mm (approximately 1”) for best performance.

Details: If you’re a busy working professional who demands superior quality and flexibility in a label printer, the PT-H500LI was engineered for you. The Brother P-touch PT-H500LI handheld label printer includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack that permits on-the-go use, while the included AC adapter allows use in the office or at home. This portable handheld label printer also features PC/Mac connectivity, which will allow you to design and print customized labels using the Brother P-touch software simply by connecting with the included USB connection.The PT-H500LI also features a large, keyboard-style layout that enables accurate and easy typing while on the go, standing, or sitting at a desk. Prior to printing, users can easily review the content, style, and design of the label by using the Brother Vivid Bright graphical display, while the intuitive one-touch formatting keys support label-printing in almost any environment. The PC/Mac connectivity also allows users to create custom labels using logos, TrueType fonts, or symbols.The labels can be printed up to 24mm wide with crisp texts up to 48pt. The PT-H500LI is compatible with several TZe series tapes that are great for indoor applications or harsher environments. You can choose from multiple sizes, colors, and styles, such as acid-free, extra-strength, cable and wire, tamper-evident, fabric iron-on, super narrow, or decorative. The split back tapes offer hassle-free, easy peel and stick application. This pack includes 0.94” (24mm) laminated starter tape, a rechargeable Li-ion battery, an AC adapter, P-touch Editor software/drivers, and a wrist strap. For use with Brother Genuine P-touch TZe tapes: TZe-MQF31, TZe-MQE31, TZe-MQ531, TZe-2312PK, TZe-1312PK, TZe-111, TZe-211, TZe-N201, TZe-315, TZe-S211, TZe-121, TZe-325, TZe-221, TZe-421, TZe-S121, TZe-S221, TZe-S621, TZe-131, TZe-135, TZe-231, TZe-232, TZe-334, TZe-335, TZe-631, TZe-AF131, TZe-AF231, TZe-FA3, TZe-FX231, TZe-FX-631, TZe-MQ835, TZe-MQ934, TZe-MQG35, TZe-MQP35, TZe-S131, TZe-S135, TZe-S231, TZe-S631, TZe-141, TZe-145, TZe-241, TZe-242, TZe-243, TZe-344, TZe-345, TZe-441, TZe-541, TZe-545, TZe-641, TZe-741, TZe-B41, TZe-FX241, TZe-S141, TZe-S241, TZe-S641, TZe-S941.TZe-CL4, TZe-S241, TZe-SE4, TZe-151, TZe-251, TZe-252, TZe-354, TZe-355, TZe-451, TZe-651, TZe-B51, TZe-FX251, TZe-FX651, TZe-S151, TZe-S251, TZe-S651, TZe-S951.

EAN: 0804993360390

Languages: English

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