Boys' Night Out! 2018 Calendar

Sellers Publishing

Author: Bcreative

Brand: Sellers Publishing

Edition: Box Pag


  • Format: 2018 Daily Desktop Boxed Calendar
  • Size Closed: 6" x 5"
  • Size Open: 6" x 5"
  • Grid Size: N/A
  • Binding: Adhesive

Format: Day to Day Calendar

ISBN: 1531902375

Number Of Pages: 320

Details: Boys will be boys! All the things that men love drinking, sports, women are included in this funny new daily calendar. The retro-inspired images, with a contemporary mans point of view, poke a little lighthearted fun at what its really like when men get together.

UPC: 764453002379

EAN: 9781531902377

Languages: English

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