BOFON 1.45 Cubic Fingerprint Password Safe Box,Pistol Safe,Security Box with Key, ,Safety Boxes for Home,Cabinets for Office,Lock Box


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Brand: BOFON

Color: Black


  • 【First generation biometric safe】Ergonomic Keypad Design.Sensitive biometric lock and automatic opening door gives.
  • 【Solid & large locking bolts】Enforced door frame part. Fully carpeted interior. Anchoring holes. Fingerprint input. Touchscreen keypad. Automatic opening & locking door. Backup keys. Backup battery port.
  • 【Fingerprint】Fast and secure verification. Keeps learning more about your fingerprint. Adapting to your changing finger conditions. Digital touchscreen numeric keypad: Light up and easy to operate in darkness. Anti-peek function. Backup Key & Backup Battery Box.
  • 【Quick Access】Just one touch of your finger, door will open automatically with reliable motorized mechanism, it’s simple as that. Offering quick access security solutions for the home and office.
  • 【It can work properly in various environments】High-low temperature test. Humidity & Salt Spray test. Instantaneous high voltage test.Fully carpeted interior Provide protection from scratch.
  • 【Product Dimensions】8.86(H)*17.52(W)*16.15(D) inches 【Interior Dimensions】8.66(H) *17.33(W)*14.37(D) inches 【Item Weight】34 pounds

EAN: 0788393817312

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