BIN Bedside Lamp Table Lamp Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Charging,WiFi+Wirelesscharging


Brand: BIN


  • The name of this product is: Glowing tree;top touch switch, can switch music
  • If the phone can be wirelessly charged, this desk lamp is also a good charging base.
  • Touch switch: adjustable brightness;Internal multiple program protection measures to ensure the safe use of lamps
  • Oval lamp head, default warm light,It is durable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.
  • size:335*190*230mm;Voltage 36v;optional style: WiFi audio, Bluetooth audio, WiFi audio + wireless charging, Bluetooth audio + wireless charging

Details: Music sleep light smart bedside lamp mobile phone control audio light wifi Bluetooth smart light

Style:Metal lamp body + wooden base + 36 LED light source
Material: V0 flame retardant ABS + acrylic+wood
Touch-type stepless dimming, easy to operate
DC power output: 15v-1A

Automatically adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light source according to the ambient light to meet the needs of the human body
No stroboscopic, low blue light, protects vision
The wireless charging function only supports mobile phones with wireless charging function.
Touch button backlight allows you to easily operate her in the dark
The sound will not be disturbed by the sound of the mobile phone system.
Remote operation using related apps

EAN: 1079987884254