Best-Lam Hot Laminating Film 27-inch x 100-feet x 1-inch core (1 Roll) 5.0 Mil Sticky-Back Decal

Oregon Lamination

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Brand: Oregon Lamination


  • Peel & Stick Backed Lamination Film Suitable for Permanent Applications
  • Low-Melt Adhesive Typically Used in Commercial and Professional Laminating Shops
  • Common Applications Include: Mounting, Labels, Decals, Magnets, Arts & Crafts, Signs and Notices
  • Capable of Laminating Coated and Glossy Papers as Well as Those with Heavy Ink Coverage
  • Excellent for Making Laminated Labels when Performing 2-sided Laminating

Details: Oregon Lamination's Best-Lam hot decal laminating roll film on 1" core 27" x 100' x 5.0 mil with a glossy finish and “Peel & Stick” backing makes labels, decals, peel and stick signs, mountable sheets and more. This film is usually used on the back side when encapsulating sheets where standard 3 or 5 mil film is used for the front of the sheet. This creates a laminated label or decal for placement with a removable liner on the back to remove when placing the label where desired. Other applications include 1-side on the back of sheets to be mounted on poster board or foam board. Overall diameter is approximately 3" inches and fits most roll laminating machines on the market using 1" diameter feed roll mandrels. Best-Lam decal lamination film is polyester based with low-melt adhesive. Polyester PET plastic films resist penetration by chemicals, greases, and oils and are the most commonly used laminate for hot roll laminators, especially when encapsulating paper sheets. Polyester is likely the most widely used thermal laminating. Thermal bonding temperature is reported at 220 to 250 F. TIP: The actual temperature required for ANY laminating film varies by laminator type (heated roller vs heat shoe), laminating speed, ambient temperature, type of paper and even the color(s) of the print being laminated. Low-melt adhesive typically used in commercial and professional trade laminating shops Capable of Laminating coated and glossy papers as well as those with heavy ink coverage Retains properties and flexibility from -50 degrees F to 350+ degrees F Resists penetration by chemicals, greases, and oils Peel & Stick backing adhesive is best used for permanent applications Common Applications Mounting Projects POP Displays Signs & Notices Labels Decals Magnet Applications Arts & Crafts

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