BENTSAI B30 1 Inch Handheld Printer Labeler with 4.3 Inch HD LED Touch Screen Bottle Wood Printer use for QR-Code Barcode Production Date DIY Logo Print on Card Bag Box Labeler


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  • Fully portable high-resolution inkjet printers: prints on ANYTHING with a variety of water absorbant materials, including wood, carton, cloth and many more.
  • Support multi printing content: text, time, number, QR code, symbol, picture, logos. Support function of importing and exporting from database, and can print the assignment code (variable two-dimensional code, barcode, text).
  • Maximum printing height: 1 inches/25mm. Support multi-line print with adjustable printing height. Freely layout design; Adjustable text font and size.
  • Simple operation: place the rollers of this handheld inkjet printer onto surface to be printed and press the print button. Next, start moving the printer upon the surface, inkjet printing occurs automatically. This printer adapts to the speed of the user, moving fast or slow, creates the same imprint. (The included Guide-Plate can be utilized for proper positioning when printing on small bottles and containers.)
  • Anti-counterfeiting function: you can check whether the product is authentic by querying the one-item one-code database.

Details: ➜ Overview Like all of BENTSAI products, B30 Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer B30 tested in a variety of application like yours prior to packaging. And every printer comes with high-strength aluminum box ensure a safe arrival from warehouse to your delivery location.

EAN: 6972745430319

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