BAOSHISHAN Automatic Label Rewinder Rewinding Machine Label Width 120mm/4.7inch Diameter 220mm/8.7inch Core Holder 1/1.5/3 inch 110V (A6)


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  • LATEST UPGRADE - The rewinding speed has been upgraded from 0-8inch/s to 0-12inch/s. During the rewinding process, the label can be kept in tension for better rewinding. The increase in speed also improves the work efficiency, greatly shortened the time for rewinding!
  • SAVE $1000+ OF LABOR COSTS - All-metal take-up spool, stable and fall resistant. Positive and reverse rollback label, two-way rollback, automatic synchronization of tape reversal and printer, suitable for batch processing of printed labels. It is the right-hand assistant of logistics industry, warehouse, production line and so on!
  • WITH OR WITHOUT PAPER CORES - This label rewinder is suitable for 3 sizes of paper core: 25.4mm/1inch, 38.1mm/1.5inch, 76.2mm/3inch. Comes with elastic coil chip, which can be easily disassembled. With or without paper cores both are OK.If you want to use without paper core, just rotate it 2 or 3 times with blank labels to apply tension before work.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL PRINTERS - Applicable to all kinds of label printers in the market. After speed adjustment, the label rewinder can automatically synchronize the speed of the printer. When the printing is finished, the rewinder will also stop automatically.
  • MAKE THE LABELS NEAT - The label rewinder has induction rod and baffle, which can ensure the labels rolled smoothly without scattering. Width of baffle can be adjusted according to the width of the paper roll you are using. Don’t forget to put the labels under the induction rod to stabilize the label paper.

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