Banl Portable Office Laptop Desk Rolling Adjustable Table Cart Computer Mobile Stand Computer Desk Gaming Desk Standing Desk Monitor Stand Side Table Laptop Stand Office Desk Folding Table Gaming des

Eco home office

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  • Packing size: 76*62.5*23.5cm/29.92*24.61*9.25in Rolling cart Laptop desk Cart with wheels Adjustable desk Computer stand Computer desk with drawers Home office Folding desk Laptop riser Laptop table
  • Net weight: 15kg/33.07lb Foldable desk Small computer desk Desk riser Portable table Computer table Work table Work desk Laptop desk Adjustable laptop stand Study desk Office table Rolling desk
  • Gross weight: 16.5kg/36.38lb
  • Panel size: 71.5*47.5*2.5cm/28.15*18.70*0.98in
  • Dynamic load: 5-10Kg/11.02-22.04lb

EAN: 0373606155833

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