BankSupplies Manila Envelopes | 3W x 3.5H | Pack of 300 | Safe Deposit Box Key Envelope | Standard Imprint | Sand Background | Permanent Lock Style | Small Shipping Envelopes


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Brand: BankSupplies

Color: Tan


  • SAFE DEPOSIT KEY ENVELOPES WITH CLASP: These manila envelopes from BankSupplies are for transferring the safe deposit key in a secure and trusted way. Both the sender and the receiver have to sign off the envelope to receive the key inside.
  • PERMANENT LOCK STYLE: These deposit envelopes are sealed and locked with a permanent lock style that makes them fully secure. The permanent lock style of it will also let you know if someone has tampered with the envelope.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Compact and made of tough rope stock, these drop-off envelopes are built to last so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or ripping. The customer who is leasing the deposit box must sign on the envelope to receive the key.
  • DIMENSIONS: These brown envelopes are 3” (7.62 cm) in width and 3.5” (8.89 cm) in height. These vault key envelopes are ideal for safe deposit box keys and for shipping important documents, files, and keys.
  • MONEY HANDLING PRODUCTS: BankSupplies provides money handling products that are high quality and reliable for banks, casinos, retail, offices, restaurants, and so much more. With adequate service and value, your business will have all the supplies you need.

Details: These permanent lock safe deposit box key envelopes serve as an effective and secure way to ship and transfer keys, documents, and important files. They are available in a pack of 300, making them perfect for business, banking, and offices. The customer's assigned keys are placed in this locking yellow envelope so that they can be safely received by him. Each envelope comes with a standard imprint printed in black ink on a sand background, on which the necessary information like the key number, safe deposit box number, as well as the signature of both the sender and receiver, has to be filled. These clasp envelopes from BankSupplies are made durable, secure, and tamper-proof. BankSupplies is so much more than just supplies for banking. Since 1973 we have supplied reliable money handling products to banks, casinos, retail, offices, restaurants, and many other businesses. We have always prided ourselves on bringing our customers the best quality and making it our personal mission to provide an even higher level of reliability to our customers.

EAN: 0794811167570

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