Back App Ergonomic Chair


Brand: Ergonomi

Color: Black


  • helps people sit more upright
  • reduces the effort of sitting upright
  • increases the amount of movement in sitting - exercise
  • challenges balance in a smooth, controlled manner - exercise
  • reduces back pain while sitting

Details: In many of our studies the applicants have said that use of our chair has helped them get relief for their lower back pain. Up until now 364 physiotherapists and chiropractors have been testing our ergonomic office chair and as many as 97% say that using the chair has given them positive effects on the function of the back and that it has functioned as a pain relief for back pain. The design of the Back App is based on known principles in rehabilitation of back problems and strengthening of the dorsal muscles used by specialists around the world. Back pain is a common problem today and it can also be a huge cost for companies in sick leave or long treatment periods that also effect productivity. The usage of our office chair can amongst other things be of help in the treatment / management for lower back pain, but remember that it is always important to find out what causes your lower back pain and to treat it right. Back App can help you prevent and give relief for back pains and other musculoskeletal disorders.

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EAN: 0869130000003