AstroReality Mars Pro | Mars Globe | Solar System Model, Martian Planet | 3D Printed, 4.72" | Paired with Augmented Reality App | Educational Science Aid | Educational Gift


Brand: AstroReality

Color: Red


  • ✔Satisfy Your Space Dream - Explore Mars by discovering 100 plus key surface landmarks and landing sites of the martian surface.
  • ✔Surface Data Acquired from NASA: The highly accurate topography of our MARS pro is acquired from the NASA’s MOLA elevation maps of MARS.
  • ✔Meticulously Crafted: The surface data is reproduced with high-resolution full-color 3D printing technology with a scale of 1:56,491,666. Hold it in your hand and feel the critical landscape of the Martian surface.
  • ✔Explore the Endless Discovery using Augmented Reality: Experience the comprehensive and digitally interactive experience with Augmented Reality technology featuring Valles Marineris - one of the longest canyons that runs along the Martian Surface.
  • ✔Beautiful Gadget for Home and Office Decor: Ignite your imagination and satisfy your curiosity by making this Red Planet a perfect gadget for home and office decor.

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