Arkscan AS10 Mini RFID NFC Reader for iOS Android Windows with Wireless USB Memory Mode


Brand: Arkscan


  • Outstanding Performance - AS10 Mobile NFC Reader delivers high-speed scanning and error-free decoding of HF or NFC tags and cards, it is fully compliant with ISO-14443A/B and ISO-15693 standards. AS10 Mobile NFC reader can make the most applications that RFID technology can provide.
  • Long Battery Life - AS10 Mobile NFC Reader is powered by 1000mAh battery which can deliver more than 10,000 scans per full battery charge. AS10 Mobile NFC Reader offers ample battery power for the longest shift and ensures data collection is completed.
  • Versatile Operation - AS10 Mobile NFC Reader provides real-time reporting of the member attendance data, asset tracking status and many other applications. The built-in memory also enables AS10 Mobile NFC Reader to perform off-line operation, such as security patrol, that only requires one data upload at the end of the day. Direct USB transmission when fixed-mount reader needed to read NFC badges of employees or guests in the access control application.
  • User Friendly - Integrates with a vibrating device that is programmable by a software utility. The reader has full variety of good read indication including audible, visual and vibrating method, especially in noisy and quiet environment that the vibrating indicator can be utilized. A must-have NFC reader for iPad and iPhone user, the barcode reader comes with the second iOS button to enable on-screen keyboard typing and barcode scanning at the same time without disconnecting the pairing.
  • Great compatibility - Supports mobile devices with Bluetooth or USB without any software installation; AS10 supports iOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Tablet, PC, Linux, MacBook & others. It reads tag's ID and send to host device immediately via wireless HID (works like wireless keyboard), wireless SPP, USB HID or USB VCP; tag's data can be read and stored in reader's memory & download the data via USB cable later. (All copyrights of brands belong to their respective holders).

Details: Arkscan® AS10 features the smallest pocket mobile NFC reader and one perfect accessory for mobile RFID application. AS10 Mobile NFC Reader is designed to lead the new trends of NFC and smartphone-based applications such as Access Control, Electronic Ticket, Membership Management, Asset Tracking, Equipment Inspection, NFC transaction and a variety of RFID applications.

UPC: 769923972428

EAN: 0769923972428