Amazing Lamps ELPLP93 / V13H010L93 Factory Original Bulb in Compatible Housing for Epson Projectors

Amazing Lamps

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Brand: Amazing Lamps


  • Used in the following projector models:
  • EB-7400U, EB-7800, EB-7900U, EB-7905U, EB-G7200W, Pro 7100/NL, Pro 7400U/NL, Pro 7500U/NL, Pro G7000W/NL, Pro G700W, Pro G7100, Pro G7100/NL, Pro G7200W, Pro G7200W/NL, Pro G7400U, Pro G7400U/NL, Pro G7500U, Pro G7500U/NL, Pro G7805/NL, Pro G7905/NL, Pro G7905U, Pro G7905U/NL

Details: Factory Original Bulb in Generic Housing - Comes with 6 Month Warranty - Amazing Reliability, Amazing Bright Picture & Amazing Longer Life

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