Adjustable Chair for Homework Chair for Business Offices with a high Back Executive Executive Chair Swivel Leather Leather Chair with a Lining, Working Chair for Office - Black (1)


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Brand: kovalenthor

Color: 1


  • Our chair is made of premium materials and the excellent quality of the chair gives users a new level of comfort during busy work throughout the day.
  • A comfortable chair with a high back for the office and with a soft back and upholstered seat provides additional support to your back and waist and will relieve the tension that arises during the day.
  • This mobile and modern chair contains a large thick lining and a soft texture that slows down the pressure of the person sitting in the lumbar region, and 360-degree swivel rollers will cover the seat of the chair.
  • Contains a heavy mechanism - the working basis and smoothly rolling rollers make an excellent stable structure so that you can move freely around your room or office without obstacles.
  • Simple pneumatic controls allow you to raise or lower the seat and recline in a chair at a foam angle to choose the optimal position for the whole body thanks to our leather executive chair in a new style.

Details: Choose comfort and relaxation throughout the day with our ernomous high-backed chair to ensure comfort throughout the day. Thanks to the high back which is made to the design of the human body to take into account all the needs of the human body and to feel comfortable and relieve fatigue. Contains special inserts in the back to strip the back and provide comfort. You can adjust it even more for yourself thanks to the levers contained under this chair. And its strong steel frame will give more confidence and dynamism in its movement thanks to its nylon wheels. This comfortable office chair with a high back can be used as a home, office, conference room and reception room, as well as selected as the main chair of the director.

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