AccuBANKER AB4000UV Cash Teller Bill Counter Machine with computerized counting/adding/Batching capabilities Money Counter Detects Counterfeits with reliable UV detection ...

Accubanker USA

Brand: Accubanker USA

Color: blue-gray


  • Computerized counting/adding/batching capabilities
  • Audible & Visual Alerts when double, short chained & half notes are encountered
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Ultraviolet counterfeit detection functions
  • Emergency Stop Button to prevent accidents

Details: The AB4000 is perfect for retail environments as well as mid to large sized stores. The AB4000 is one of a series of low-cost front-loading banknote professional counters that perform smooth and fast counting operations. Labor time is extremely reduced and losses due to human error are virtually eliminated. The new AB4000 allows for effective, accurate, and reliable counting of banknotes. This money counter is equipped with a micro-computerized mechanism that allows an accurate and high speed counting process of up to 1,200 bills per minute. Additionally, the unit is equipped with optional counterfeit detection systems such as ultraviolet detection, magnetic ink detection, and size detection. Audible and visual alerts tell the user when double, short, and chained bills are detected. The AB4000 money counter is capable of counting, adding, and creating batches. The AB4000 series includes our AccuBANKER patented "emergency stop" feature, which when activated, stops all operations. • Saves time and labor • Soft thermoplastic interface with tactile feedback • Reduces losses due to human error • Easy-to-use • Variable counting speeds (600, 900, 1200 bills/minute) • Micro-computerized for accuracy and batching • Available in 110 Volt and 220 Volt versions • Emergency Stop Function. For safety reasons, this product should only be operated with the power cord supplied. Using a power cord other than an AccuBANKER issued cord will void the warranty of your equipment. If a replacement power cord is needed, refer to ASIN B07CSK7MXW.

UPC: 791836647155

EAN: 0097241383214

Languages: English

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