AccuBANKER AB1100PLUS UV Commercial Digital Bill Counter Hopper Capacity 200 Bills & Speed of 1,300 Bills/min Money Counter Machine Includes Reliable Counterfeit Detector Ultraviolet

Accubanker USA

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Brand: Accubanker USA

Color: Blue


  • Light weight, easy to transport
  • Single Denomination Bill counter with simplified keyboard
  • External Display (included) to show the client the amount counted and for CCTV reference
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detection functions

Details: AccuBANKER’s AB1100 PLUS is perfect for small and medium sized businesses. This money counter is equipped with an easy-to-read high resolution LCD display that allows for counting, adding, and batch creating capabilities. The AB1100 PLUS has both automatic and manual start functions, as well as our “emergency stop” function. The AB1100 PLUS can detect suspicious bills with its integrated Ultraviolet Detection system. This machine comes equipped with an external display that allows the user to maintain accountability, security, and accuracy throughout each count session. The AB1100 PLUS series includes our AccuBANKER “emergency stop” feature, which when activated, stops all operations. Saves time and labor costs Reduces losses due to human error Easy-to-use High speed - 1300 bills/minute Micro-computerized for accuracy and batching Emergency Stop Function Available in 110 Volt. Reliable and sturdy. For safety reasons, this product should only be operated with the power cord supplied. Using a power cord other than an AccuBANKER issued cord will void the warranty of your equipment. If a replacement power cord is needed, refer to ASIN B07CSK7MXW.

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