AB7500 by AccuBANKER Dual Pocket Mixed Bill Value Counter- Mixed Denomination, Multi Currency, Value Counter & Sorter. Bank Grade Money Counter & Counterfeit Detector Machine. Up to 1200 bills per min

Accubanker USA

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Brand: Accubanker USA

Color: Dark Blue


  • MULTI-CURRENCY COUNTER: This machine gives you a total value of your count & total number of pieces counted by denomination with dual sorting pockets for non-stop operation.
  • FAST, RELIABLE AND ACCURATE COUNTING PROCESS: Quickly & accurately count your cash. Don't waste time sorting by denomination. It has four counting modes: Mix, Sort, Count & Face-Orientation.
  • ADVANCED MONEY HANDLING SOLUTION: Counterfeit detection detects fake banknotes during the counting process using 5 method. The rejection pocket allows for a continuous flow, saving you time.
  • FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: Programmed currencies accepted are USD & EUR with a dual voltage of 100 - 240 VAC 60/50 Hz and compatible with AccuBANKER Thermal Printer for detailed receipts (printer sold separately)
  • EASY TO USE & STURDY: Shows a detailed breakdown of final count result. Self-Check system procedure and easy software update procedure when new bills are released.

EAN: 0097241657506

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