A.A 14' Wide Underbelly/Belly Bottom Kits with Flex Mend Tape for RVs and Campers | Belly Bottom Kits for Mobile Homes with FlexMend Tape (80')


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Brand: A.A

Color: black


  • Underbelly Material Constructed of One-Ply Polyethylene Fabric for Physical Strength Coated with Black Polyethylene Film for a Positive Moisture Barrier
  • For use under Mobile Homes to Protect the Underbelly from the Elements
  • Vapor Barrier That Is Totally Impervious To Water
  • 14 ft Wide x 80 ft Long
  • Includes 190 ft of 4" Flex Mend Tape

Details: Polyethylene Underbelly is a stout cloth material that has been used in the manufacture of mobile homes for decades. Since the 1980’s OEMs have used this black cross-hatched fabric, reminiscent of the same material you would find in a tarp (standard use, not construction grade) this cloth is utilized in the protection of mobile homes, trailers, sheds, RVs, homes, and other residential applications. It’s flexible, easy to install, tear-resistant, and is water repellant so that you will see little to no water encroachment in your vehicle. Flex-Mend is a front-of-industry mending tape that not only matches the texture and looks of bottom under-fabrics but is a permanent fixture once correctly applied. The specially-engineered adhesive applies easily, and the woven poly-film will become a seamless part of the original fabric.

EAN: 0675345621212