500,000 Iraqi Dinar (20 x 25,000) Sequentially Numbered 25000 Banknote (IQD) 25K Uncirculated IQD, for Currency Collectors

Milepost 40

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Brand: Milepost 40


  • Total Dinar Amount: 500,000 / 25,000 x 20 Banknotes
  • Brand New Iraqi Dinar IQD, New 2020 Series Banknotes With New Security Features, Not The Old Series Iraqi Dinar
  • Uncirculated / Mint Condition
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included

Details: Buy New Iraqi Dinar (IQD): 500,000 New Iraqi Dinar for sale. Purchase this uncirculated Iraqi Dinar currency right online from the best dinar dealer in the world with your credit or debit card and get it delivered directly to your home or business for free! The 25,000 Iraqi Dinar (IQD) banknote is the most popular collector banknote in the world. People purchase the 25,000 Iraqi Dinar banknote more than any other banknote. One of the most popular packages people buy is the 500,000 IQD package - 25,000 banknotes. This Iraq currency you can’t buy at a bank like Chase, WellFargo or Citibank. The only place to buy dinar is online. We sell Iraqi Dinar for cheaper than any other exchange or dealer period and you can buy dinar with a credit or debit card which makes it fast an easy. The new Iraqi Dinar has all of the security features included and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. All dinar is De La Rue verified authentic.

EAN: 0350102490187

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