3M Venture Tape Cryogenic Vapor Barrier Tape 1555CW, Silver, 72 mm x 45.7 m, 16 Rolls per case


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Brand: 3M TALC

Color: White


  • Zero permeability provides a vapor barrier for seals and seams
  • Polyester coating on both sides of the laminate helps prevent formation of pinholes
  • Cold weather acrylic adhesive applies easily in temperatures well below freezing
  • High puncture and tear resistance ensures durability in demanding applications and environments
  • Flexible backing conforms to irregular and curved surfaces

Details: 3M Venture Tape Cryogenic Vapor Barrier Tape 1555CW is an all-weather conformable, multi-layered self-adhesive tape designed for low temperature vapor barrier joint closure applications This tape features a durable aluminum foil backing between two layers of 5 mil polyester film The zero permeable laminate is coated with an aggressive, pressure sensitive cold weather acrylic adhesive

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