3M Venture Tape ASJ Facing Tape 1540CW, White, 72 mm x 45.7 m, 16 rolls per case


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Brand: 3M TALC

Color: White


  • White kraft, scrim and foil laminate backing is ideal as a vapor seal on ductboard and pipe insulation
  • Cold weather acrylic adhesive is specifically designed to perform in cold weather conditions
  • Mold inhibitor helps maintain adhesive strength and effectiveness
  • High puncture and tear resistance ensure long life and durability in a variety of applications and environments
  • Flexible backing conforms well to curved or irregular surfaces
  • Easy to install on site without special tools or application methods

Details: 3M Venture Tape ASJ Facing Tape 1540CW is a white kraft paper, scrim and foil laminated tape coated with a pressure sensitive, cold weather, solvent acrylic adhesive. This tape combines quick stick at normal temperatures with superior low temperature performance. It applies easily and excels in demanding temperature and humidity conditions.

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