2022 OSHA Package for Medical Offices Including Regulations and Standards Manual (hardcopy) + Safety Policies and Forms (hardcopy and CD) + Training Outline and Test + Resource CD + Posters + Labels

Gamma Compliance Solutions

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Brand: Gamma Compliance Solutions


  • An OSHA compliance solution for all types of medical offices
  • Up-to-date OSHA Manual with OSHA regulatory information and guidance for training and compliance
  • Customizable OSHA policies, procedures, checklists and forms (digital and hardcopy)
  • Includes OSHA training outline and test with answer key
  • Also includes OSHA Posters, GHS and Biohazard Labels, OSHA booklets, CDC guidelines, and OSHA FAQs

Details: Our OSHA solutions have everything you need to get into compliance! It's perfect for the medical, psychology, chiropractic office and more. The OSHA Package contains 3 major components - OSHA Reference Manual, Documentation Kit, and OSHA training resources. The OSHA Manual consolidates the OSHA regulations you need to know as they apply to Medical Offices. Extensive research on the OSHA Administration policy as well as other resources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Medical Association has been conducted to create this comprehensive manual. Our OSHA Documentation Kit (digital version on the Welcome Kit CD) contains ready-made, easy-to-use and customizable OSHA policies, procedures, checklists and forms that you can fill out on the computer or on the hardcopies provided. You also receive our training outline and test which you can use to create your own training program (digital version on the Welcome Kit). Your order also includes: + Our Welcome Kit CD containing OSHA FAQs, booklets, access to supplemental training videos, OSHA training outline and test, and more + The Mandated OSHA 3165 and 3167 Job Safety and Health Posters + Quantity 3 each of Biohazard and Globally Harmonized Standard (GHS) Secondary Container Labels. Note: From the state of Washington or California? We have specialized OSHA Packages with state-specific documentation and posters sent at no additional charge.