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runner deer Complete Aerial Hoop Lyra Set-Hollow Powder-Coated Steel -25mm Thick,Include Lyra,Carabiners, Swivel, and Spanset (35"(90cm), Double tab)

runner deer

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Brand: runner deer


  • This Pro Hoop is the aerial industry standard diameter of 1 inch (25.4mm) thick tubing. It is perfect for performances, tricks, and drops. Suitable for aerialists who are comfortable with the smaller hand grip.
  • This is a complete aerial hoop setup. Ready to hang and start performing. It comes with a lyra/aerial hoop, attachment carabiners, a swivel, and 2-foot long spanset. load tested to 300kg.
  • Measurements are taken from the inner diameter, which allows you to have the correct distance from your head to the upper bar. then add 5-10cm (2-4 inch). (eg: chair to top of head 31", then you need a 35" hoop)
  • Easy to set up : whether you choose a single tab or a double tab hoop, they're both ready to accept any suitable carabiner.

Details: Choosing an Aerial Hoop Size of the aerial acrobatic hoop Size refers to the vertical internal diameter of the hoop But how do you know what size is right for you? Below we have 3 ways to help you find your size: 1.Sit in a Chair and measure the distance from the seat to the top of your head. Then add 5.08 cm (2 inches). The sum that is calculated is your size! 2.Sit in a Chair and put your hand on top of your head to form a fist. The measurement from the top of your hand until the seat is the size that suits you! 3.The last type of measurement that is used by many people in the last 10 years is to measure the length of your foot. Lean forward until your body forms a right angle. The distance from the floor to the waist is the size of the hoop. What is the proper height? Acrobatics on the hoop can be done whether the hoop hangs a few inches off the floor or many meters. However, a low ceiling will limit your advancement.

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