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Honeywell VoyagerBT MS9535 Bar Code Reader - MK9535-39B5M38


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Brand: Honeywell

Details: Honeywell MK9535-39B5M38 Barcode Scanner Designed for Low to Medium Throughput Point of Sale or Light Warehouse. Metrologic s VoyagerBT offers conve- nience and the freedom of mobility by incorporat- ing Bluetooth wireless technology. This latest member of the Voyager Series continues the trend of combining patented technology, high perfor- mance, and a futuristic design. Voyager BT provides a lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use scanning solution. The patented CodeGate feature remains at the core of the scan- ner s functionality. The scanner wakes with a touch of the CodeGate button activating the IR sensor. After scanning a bar code, simply press the CodeGate button and the data is transmitted wirelessly to the host. Operators will find the brightly-lit laser easy to see and to line up on a BT perfect for desired bar code making Voyager menu scanning applications.

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