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Honeywell Scanning MK3580-31B41-6 Honeywell, Ms3580 Quantum T Serial Kit, Bulk Scanner (Ms3580-41), Weighted Base, Rs232 Cable (59-59000-3), Lev 6 Pwr Supply (46-00525-6), Manuals

Honeywell Scanning

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Brand: Honeywell Scanning


  • Honeywell
  • Ms3580 Quantum T Serial Kit
  • Bulk scanner (ms3580-41)
  • Country of origin - united states

Details: Honeywell, Ms3580 Quantum T serial Kit, BLK scanner (ms3580-41), weighted base, RS232 cable (59-59000-3), Lev 6 power supply (46-00525-6), manuals.

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